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Steps (and Tools) to Create a Consistent Content Marketing Strategy

Consistency is key in marketing. A consistent content marketing strategy keeps your business top of mind, increases brand awareness by building your SEO and positions you and your company as a trusted resource. All these things lead to increased revenue. Here are our recommended steps, plus some tools, to help you create a consistent content marketing strategy!

Plan Ahead with an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is a useful tool that will assist you in mapping a plan, so you are not wondering what to post and when you need to post. assist you in regularly publishing content, in addition to sorting through and segmenting ideas. It can also be a great place to collaborate as a team.

Create Anchor Content

A consistent content marketing strategy starts with Anchor Content – a weekly blog, podcast or video from which all other content is repurposed. This content lives on your website in order to drive users to the real estate you own on the web. Then it’s promoted on your social media channels and email newsletters – you can literally pull segments of copy from your Anchor Content to create promotional content on these other platforms. This saves you time from having to come up with a bevy of new ideas, maximizing the content you created and prevents overwhelm with your audience (this week we are only talking about this thing). Ideally, Anchor Content is also Evergreen allowing you to share it again in the future. Evergreen Content is a super time-saver trick.

Evergreen Content to Fill in Gaps

Evergreen Content is content that can be reposted and shared anytime because it’s timeless. FAQs, on-brand quotes or statements, highlight services or client testimonials all work great at Evergreen Content. It works particularly well on social media where most of your audience doesn’t see your every post (the key is to leave a few months between repeating posts). Evergreen content is also useful as a filler during busy seasons because you can batch create and schedule content (Meet Edgar & SmarterQueue are great tools for creating evergreen feeds) and then not worry about a post being timely or resonating with your audience.

Batch Content Creation

Studies have shown that your brain works faster and more effectively when it does like work, as you are staying on the same side of your brain. Why is this important? Because it saves you time. Saved time means you are more likely to be consistent with your content creation. Planning content, reviewing trends and creating content all use different parts of your brain so blocking time to work on these one at a time is a more effective use of your time. This can look like planning your editorial calendar for the next 6 weeks, then framing all the blog posts in your site, then organizing, resizing and uploading all the photos, then writing all the copy and lastly editing and scheduling the posts. This way you can work through a whole month of content in a day or 2.

Delegate with a Project Manager

As your company grows and so does your need for content, it’s likely that you will have to bring on team members to support you. This means you need to delegate and follow-up to ensure your efforts to be consistent stay on track. A project manager – be that a person’s role or system maintained by software is the key. There are plenty of online tools to help you manage workflow, task work and check that things are complete, such as Asana. Long and short, you will be consistent with the things that have checks and balances in places so even if you are a company of one – a project manager is a key accountability tool to ensure a consistent content marketing strategy.

Do you need help with your content marketing strategy & implementation? Our team at Path & Compass is ready to help you get organized and get creating. Whether this entails brainstorming ideas for quality content or scheduling social media, we do it all and in a way that is true to your brand. Contact us today at inquiry@pathandcompass.com.