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Productivity Hacks: How to Stay Focused and Get Stuff Done

Distractions are everywhere. From technology to our other responsibilities and commitments, they all pull us away from our work and make it harder than ever to run a business. So how do we make the most of our dedicated work hours, in a way that allows us to truly enjoy our time off and away from being the boss? Check out these helpful productivity hacks – to help you stay focused & get stuff done!

1. Create a Routine

A routine is natural to some people, but others have to work harder to implement one. A routine will help dictate when you start and end your day. You don’t need an in-depth itinerary of every single hour. But creating some boundaries on when your family can interrupt, setting break times and so on, will help you stay focused. Want more tips on creating and maintaining a routine? Check out our blog.

2. Use Project Management Tools

Project management will soon be your best friend and there are some great, free tools to get you started. Think of platforms like Asana, Trello, Todoist. All of these will help you create an organized and easy to visualize workflow. So you can spend less time figuring out what is on your plate and which tasks to prioritize, and more time getting stuff done. Plus, you can set recurring tasks with these tools, creating systems that support your biz growth.

3. Set Weekly Meetings & Tasks

Weekly meetings and tasks sound like more work but hear us out. Having set meetings with clients or staff are a great way to keep everyone on the same page, talk through questions (eliminating endless email chains) and address issues before they become major problems. Plus, you have something to prepare for every week and people are depending on you -this can help you stay on track.

4. Turn Off Distractions

When you are working, it is important that you turn off notifications and close your inbox. Nothing will sabotage your productivity faster than dings and pop-ups every few minutes. Take this a step further removing rabbit hole apps like Facebook, Instagram, or games from your phone (you will be amazed by how much time you suddenly have). During dedicated work hours, family & personal time, the best way to stay focused on what you want to be focused on is to remove distractions and easy escape routes.

5. Batch Content Creation

If you create your own content, do yourself a favor and stop tackling this on a daily basis. This method is time-consuming and takes much more mental energy than if you were to batch create content. Your brain works more efficiently when doing similar work, too because you stay in the same hemisphere. We recommend blocking out time to batch create a set of blogs, or 2-4 weeks worth of social media posts, in one go.

6. Rest

Sometimes rest is the best medicine for a mental roadblock. Seriously – when you’re feeling stuck, it’s often best to take a break. Rather than getting frustrated, use that time to recharge your brain and reset your creativity. When you come back to that task, you will be able to attack it with new energy and ideas, or at least more patience.


Another way to hack productivity in your business is to outsource the work! Download our complete guide to Outsourcing in Your Small Business below: 

As always, our team is glad to help take some of the repetitive work off of your plate! From content brainstorming and creation to marketing and more, we can take the reins on these tasks, in order to allow you more time to focus on the areas of your preference or expertise. Get started today when you schedule a FREE business evaluation call with Krista HERE