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Path & Compass partners with small business owners and leaders in the wedding and event industry to provide long-term brand strategy and marketing support. Services including website design, social media and blog management, graphic design, budgeting, goal setting and thoughtful growth. Based in Nashville, TN.
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Pink Express Path



♦ Is you magazine advertisement costing you sales?

♦ Are couples skipping your bridal show booth?

♦ Are you maximizing the leads coming from the Pink Bride?

♦ Do you feel like your advertising with the Pink Bride is not working?


The team at Path & Compass are experts at identifying where you’re breaking your marketing funnel and losing sales. With our Pink Express Path, they put their experience to work for you, reviewing your current advertising package and defining easy, actionable improvements to boost the effectiveness of your Pink Bride advertising. The Pink Express Path will put your company on the fast track to booking more business! 

A Pink Express Path for Pink Bride Magazine Only Advertisers includes…

Path & Compass Survey (completed by advertiser)

Review of your Print Ad, your Wedding Resource Listing and your Online Listing on the Pink Bride Website

Review of the Landing Page (limit of one website page)

Findings Report with Actionable Steps and Resources to fix your marketing funnel


A Pink Express Path for Pink Bridal Show Only Advertisers includes…

Path & Compass Survey (completed by advertiser)

Review of your Bridal Show Booth Design, Show Specials/Pink Bucks, Bridal Show Collateral and Bride Scan Profile

Findings Report: Actionable Steps and Resources to fix your funnel

Bonus! Our Checklist of Best Practices for following-up + closing sales after a Pink Bridal Show


Combine both Express Paths for the most comprehensive review of your Pink Bride Advertising.