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Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Getting Out of Your Own Way

I am launching a podcast.

Or should I say, I am finally launching a podcast because I’ve wanted to do this for a while. The concept, how it would be formatted, who I would interview – it was all there. But a podcast felt like too much work, the tech felt too complicated and really, who would even care to listen to little ole’ me talk to other wedding and event bosses. There has been endless excuses, procrastination and self-doubt – I couldn’t pull the trigger.

In short, I wouldn’t get out of my own way.

We build our walls, thinking they will protect us from fear & pain and instead they keep us from expansion & joy. When it comes to starting something outside my comfort zone, I do a couple things on the regular:

  • I only take what I need. This means growing too big or taking up too much space is off limits for me. Blame it on midwestern sensibility or plain old fear but I have played it small for years. I do this because I haven’t wanted to leave people behind. When you think bigger and take more, you can outgrow your current life (and the people in it). So here’s where I lean into the faith that all will work out as it should.
  • I don’t delegate. Because it’s easier and faster if I just do it. And done the way I want it. A clever trap that makes me a necessary cog in the wheel – they can’t do it without me. I am needed. I forget that being needed is only half of the equation. I have to need others in return, otherwise, the whole system risks coming out of balance.
  • I default to busy work. The space where I feel confident and know all the answers – the work is easy and I am checking things off my to-do list left and right. In reality, I am procrastinating because I am afraid of failing. Of people figuring out that I don’t know everything. That’s okay because not being an expert in everything doesn’t make me any less valuable.

I was reminded by my favorite Buddhist monk, Lama Marut that the practice of yoga is simply to say yes to everything. Yes to fear, to joy, to experiments, to mistakes. Say yes to creating the podcast you have been thinking about forever. Say yes and see just how big a life the Universe has in store for you.

My podcast, Bosses & Bourbon launched in early March 2018. A truthcast of real wedding and event bosses, talking shop & sharing the real strategies that make their business successful. There may or may not be bourbon. Listen to episodes now and subscribe on iTunes.