Business Coaching & Consulting - Path & Compass - Nashville, TN
Path & Compass is a boutique marketing and strategy firm with an intentional & holistic approach. We serve small businesses, specializing in wedding, event & hospitality businesses, wellness professionals, creative entrepreneurs and artists. Services including website design, branding & logo design, content marketing, SEO services, business coaching, sales training, graphic design, budgeting, goal setting and thoughtful growth.
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Individual + Team + Group

Business Coaching & Consulting

that gives you clarity & new momentum.


You feel adrift in your business and unclear of the right next step

You’re unsure how to reach potential customers and need a plan on how to grow your business

Your sales are lackluster and you need help to hone your closing skills

You struggle to get (and stay) on the same page with your business partner

You’re working really hard but don’t seem to be making any progress

You need to talk to an expert
who has been there.

Work with Krista & get the outside perspective your business needs.
Evolution is natural in business and our lives.


This creates transition points that are often confusing, frustrating… leaving you feeling stalled and struggling. This is where I come in as a business coach & consultant. I listen, offer honest feedback from my experience as an entrepreneur and marketing expert, guiding you towards your most meaningful path. I create a safe space to talk through the challenges of owning and growing a business and most importantly create a step-by-step plan that will help you reach your goals.

My clients are creatives, entrepreneurs and independant business owners – all are looking to create a life and work that feeds their soul – something I intimately relate to. We are on the path together and  I am here to help people like you build your dreams.


– Krista

Working with Path & Compass has been life changing, not only for our current business, but for our brand and the culture of our company.


– Becki Annastas, Owner, Dream Events & Catering –



WE LISTEN, creating the space to understand and validate your passion and efforts.


WE’RE HONEST about the challenges and opportunities you will face as a creative entrepreneur.


WE GUIDE YOU to set and prioritize goals, define direction and rework limiting beliefs and outdated narratives.


WE EVALUATE your management style & personality to reveal points of possible tension and weakness in your team business structure.


WE PUT YOUR MARKETING & SALES FUNNELS under a magnifying glass, revealing where they’re breaking down and costing you clients.


WE OFFER INSIGHT insight into how you can fix these leaks and position your brand to be relevant and purposeful in your market.


THEN WE FOCUS ON IMPLEMENTATION, giving you a step-by-step, specific actionable plan that you can execute in your business.



2 | Strategy Creation

Refine your focus and address your mindset hurdles.


With your entire funnel in mind, we maximize your efforts and your budget.

7 | Niched to Perfection

“Cool, a great plan, but no time or resources to do it.”

Nah, we take it from creation to execution.


We utilize your team, creating a long-term, strategic partnership.

Get clear on your path forward. Schedule a Discovery Call with Krista.



A DEDICATED ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER and safe space to talk through the challenges of owning and growing a business.


STEP-BY-STEP MARKETING STRATEGIES, custom to your business, that will help you reach your goals.


ACCESS TO ALL of Krista’s actionable tools, systems & business scripts – ready to be implemented into your business.


AN EXPERIENCED COACH + CONSULTANT that can intimately relate to your challenges and aspirations as a creative and entrepreneur.

Krista and her services have become invaluable. She is dedicated to making my business as successful as possible and is truly an asset to my business and to myself. With her help and guidance, we have seen a marked increase in our business presence. I would HIGHLY recommend Krista, to anyone who wishes to grow their business.


– Caprice Palmer, Owner, Enchanted Florist –

Ready? Schedule a Discovery Call