A marketing partner to guide your brand to thriving business. A team of professionals to provide creative direction and skillful solutions. A full wheelhouse of services, from copywriting and graphic design to web-building and media management.  A partnership with Path & Compass is for growing businesses that are looking for long-term support.  We take the place of a marketing director and a lot more (for a lot less).



Partner vs. Employee

A marketing partner offers the flexibility and peer-to-peer insight that employees might not. Path & Compass offers you the full wheelhouse of marketing services to manage your brand in a much more cost-effective, holistic package than hired staff. Together we can build a relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and success.


Professional Community

You’re not alone on the path. Our clientele of event and wedding professionals in the Nashville area often partner together for industry-leading creative projects, from style shoots to promotional events. Together, we are able to maximize everyone’s efforts and communally support each other’s work making stronger, smarter businesses.


The Long Haul

We’re not a one-stop creative shop, nor are we an employee looking to climb the corporate ladder, so to speak. Our whole purpose and passion is to partner with small businesses to build meaningful, transformative relationships over the life of your business. We want to know where you have been and guide you to where you want to be.


Your Voice of Reason

Sometimes it’s lonely and confusing being at the top. Beyond marketing services, we offer the indispensable insight and guidance needed to navigate all the challenges and opportunities that come with your personal and professional growth. From staffing issues, organization, market changes and budgeting, Path & Compass wants to support you in any way we can.

A Path & Compass Partnership includes:

  • initial brand and company assessment by Krista
  • monthly or quarterly strategy meeting with Krista
  • creation and maintenance of editorial calendars, including all online content (blog posts, social media platforms, email marketing)
  • monthly review and report of website and social platform analytics
  • quarterly updates on social media platforms and online listings
  • creative project management:
    • social media campaigns and contests
    • submission management (blogs, print, industry awards)
    • donation management
    • photo, video, or commercial shoots – concept, organization, budgeting and management
    • promotional event planning – concept, organization, budgeting and management
    • custom graphic design
    • custom print advertising
    • print collateral and brochure design and printing
    • website design project management
    • full website design and construction
    • sales staff training and development
    • half or full day marketing retreat
    • operational system review, creation, and support



Monthly retainers for partnership services start at $1800.

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This is exactly what I need!