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MINISODE | What’s the formula for an effective style shoot?

Q&A with Krista

In today’s mini-episode, I am talking style shoots. Jen Creed (of Jen & Chris Creed Photography) and I touched on this some during our boss chat and I wanted to share the 7 key things I look to when planning and coordinating style shoots for my clients – be them wedding style shoots, brand style shoots or event photos. Setting a goal for your shoot, being mindful of contributing vendor needs and creating a plan are all part of my formula for effective photo shoots that are beneficial for all involved.

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  • The seven effective elements of a successful Style Shoot – Krista’s proven formula for getting the right vendors, shots, and details together for a mutually beneficial shoot
  • When and how to start planning a Style Shoot – what vendors will lose more than just time and why it’s important to keep that in mind when pitching
  • How to prepare for a Style Shoot including what you should walk in on the day-of with, and how to follow up after

  • You want to put together a Style Shoot but are not sure where to start
  • You’ve been pitching other local vendors about Style Shoots but don’t have any bites just yet and can’t figure out why
  • You’ve got your vendors for a Style Shoot but need more advice and direction

“Style Shoots need to have a purpose and be accomplishing something beyond inspiration. Because they’re expensive”

“Usually publication is a goal, but more often than not I’m looking to fill the hole of my own content. I’m looking to build out my portfolio, images for my website, I’m looking for images that reflect a service”

“When you’re thinking of a Style Shoot, that’s space that you own and space that you can distribute”

“Planning ahead is something that is really overlooked with style shoots”

“We should be thinking about who we are matching the vendors who are participating in this shoot because their style and their clients are ultimately similar” 

“If we are showcasing this shoot as a collective of our talents and our scope and our range of abilities and services, if one vendor is serving one part of the market and another vendor is serving the other side, this is going to be problematic” 

“99% of the time we do not mix in personal items into a Style Shoot especially if we are trying to showcase this as a possible trend inspiration in your own event” 

“It’s smart to look at submission process as much more than just the initial submission”  

“Keep in mind that you might need a budget for your shoot” 

“Be really careful about the photographer you pick. The purpose of your shoot is photos.”