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Path & Compass partners with small business owners and leaders in the wedding and event industry to provide long-term brand strategy and marketing support. Services including website design, social media and blog management, graphic design, budgeting, goal setting and thoughtful growth. Based in Nashville, TN.
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About Path & Compass



Path & Compass uses thoughtful business and marketing strategies to guide business owners and leaders in the towards more meaningful success. Our clients are wedding, event & hospitality businesses, wellness professionals, creative entrepreneurs and artists. We show you how to connect with your ideal clients, overcome nagging mindset hurdles and get clear on what brings you joy and makes you money. We think differently about business to help you build a better business.


The Path


Our philosophy is simple – there is a better way. Founder Krista Chapman was driven to create a company to help small businesses build purposeful companies that are fulfilling for the owners and their staff. This is a business willing to challenge the way we have always done things, take risks and serve more than their bottom line. A business that wants to build a longer table in their community, not a higher wall. A business that focuses on why they’re on their path, what they aspire to achieve and who it serves. A business that wants to be better.


The Compass


We are guides, not experts. Our team is here to help you see your business and vision more clearly and then work with you to bring that vision to life. This can mean assessing your current marketing strategies for funnel breaks, re-branding your company so it speaks to your ideal client, coaching you through a tough change, developing your growing sales team or building & managing long-term strategies for your blog, social media, and email campaigns. We can help you over the long-haul as your goals change and your company grows, keeping you pointed towards your true north.

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Meet Krista


Krista Chapman, Path and Compass Marketing Partnerships Nashville

Hi, I’m Krista Chapman, founder and leader of Path & Compass. I partner with small business leaders to guide you on the journey of creating a smart, meaningful brands with purpose. I started this company after a significant transformation in my life. I spent 15 years working through the ranks of restaurants, catering, events and weddings to become an event planner, and then one day I realized something important: I no longer loved it. Not only that, but I was unhappy and unhealthy in nearly every area of my life. So I quit my job and started the humbling work of finding my lost self. I read a lot, visited my grandparents, learned to love cooking, and lived at a yoga ashram.


This radical change of direction helped clarify my own path forward in life and discover how I wanted to serve others:  guiding creative entrepreneurs and busy innovators (especially those in the wedding and event industry) along their own paths toward thoughtful, community-oriented, industry-leading work. My approach is direct and honest but I do not see myself as an expert. The truest expert of your life and business will always be you.  My goal is to help you see that more clearly and guide you to a better way to build a successful company that is meaningful and fulfilling.


Get my true & tried business advice when you sign up for my True North emails HERE.  You can also connect with me on Instagram or check out my podcast, Bosses & Bourbon.



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Account & Project Manager

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Emily Collins

Graphics, Design & Content

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Hannah Filiatreau

Copywriting & Content Creation