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Path & Compass is a boutique marketing and strategy firm with an intentional & holistic approach. We serve small businesses, specializing in wedding, event & hospitality businesses, wellness professionals, creative entrepreneurs and artists. Services including website design, branding & logo design, content marketing, SEO services, business coaching, sales training, graphic design, budgeting, goal setting and thoughtful growth.
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Years back, our founder – Krista Chapman – decided that the way we approached business was making her miserable – was making a lot of people miserable. Why couldn’t we change the culture and practices around business? Why couldn’t our work serve our soul instead of suck it dry? Was there such a thing as compassionate capitalism?


At Path & Compass, a Nashville-based marketing agency for creative entrepreneurs, we’ve decided business could and should be done better. We see marketing – the communication of ideas & solutions – as the path to better businesses. A business where the owner and team are guided by purpose & intention. A business willing to challenge the way we have always done things, take intelligent risks and serve more than their bottom line. A business that wants to build a longer table in their community, not a higher wall. A business that focuses on why they’re on their path, what they aspire to achieve and who it serves. A business that leaves the world better than they found it.

Better businesses are important because they create better lives for the humans that interact with them.

We’re here to guide you on this path to better.


At Path & Compass, we use thoughtful business and marketing strategies to guide business owners and leaders towards more meaningful success. We’re going to meet you where you are and then we’re going to push you to build the better, more ethical & impactful business you’re meant to lead. This can mean assessing your current marketing strategies for funnel breaks, re-branding your company so it speaks to your ideal client, coaching you through a tough change, developing your growing sales team or building & managing long-term implementation of your blog, social media, and email campaigns.


We show you a better way and then you have a skilled team – entirely based in the US and in the trenches with you, using our tested strategies & tactics to get results. We’re your honest + direct voice or reason and here to help you over the long-haul as your goals change and your company grows – always keeping you pointed towards your true North.

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Krista Chapman

Business Strategy, Coaching & Sales

Press Summary

Shelly Morse

Account & Project Manager, Designer

Emily Collins
Emily Collins

Lead Designer, Branding & Websites

Hannah Filiatreau, Content Creation
Hannah Filiatreau

Copywriting & Content Creation

Ansley Rushing

Designer & Content Creator

BDA General
Nashville Living Wage Certified