Path & Compass, founded by Krista Chapman, help connect wedding and event business to more clients and intentionally grow their business. We partner with small business owners and leaders in the wedding and event industry to provide long-term brand strategy and marketing support. Services including business coaching, sales training, branding, logo and website design, social media and blog management, graphic design, budgeting, goal setting and thoughtful growth. Based in Nashville, TN.
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What if your marketing was the path to building a more intentional business?



you are clear on what you want and how you can serve the market.

you have a plan that maximizes your effort and investment.

you make enough money doing work you love with clients who get you.

you are connected to the right people, supporting your growth.

Imagine a business where you do what makes your soul happy. 

It’s time to think differently about business.


Hi, I’m Krista Chapman –  a former event planner turned business and marketing strategist. Years back, I decided that the way we approached business was making me miserable – was making a lot of people miserable. Why couldn’t we change the culture and practices around business? Why couldn’t our work serve our soul instead of suck it dry?


A lot of business owners are told there’s one path to success, an antiquated, written by white men, guidebook to ‘success’. I said FTS and threw out the rules I grew up with to make my own.


I now help wedding and event business owners like you, build purposeful and successful companies. I have real conversations and ask uncomfortable questions that get to the root of the stuff. I gather smart business owners for thoughtful and results-driven retreats and workaway intensives. I use business & marketing strategies (and sometimes yoga mind tricks) to become an honest + direct, voice of reason for my clients. I think differently about business to help you build a better business.


It’s time we carve our own path.


– Krista



Get my copy & paste email templates for saying “no” and setting boundaries, guilt-free.

We were unsure how to transition from our past to our future – from the company we’ve been, to the company we wanted to be. Path & Compass not only guided us, but they put a voice, vision and action to our thoughts, hopes and dreams.


– Becki Annastas, Owner, Dream Events & Catering –


BOOM CEO + Yoga Retreat, Tulum Mexico

FEB 8 – 15, 2020



Join Krista Chapman & Tom Larkin for a week of sun, white sand beaches and jungle paradise all for creating space in your demanding life a a business owner and CEO. Space to dive deep into mindset hurdles & business challenges. Space to collaborate & connect you with other attendees. Space for a little adventure, time to relax & recharge and work on your business instead of always in it.


Path & Compass | Coaching



Let’s dig into where your business or your career has stalled and walk away with an actionable plan that gives you clarity & confidence.






Does your brand reflect who you aspire to be? Is your website attracting the right clients?  We can help you tie it all together.


Krista has the ability to view your company’s best interests with an outside perspective. She knows her stuff and has the insight to take you to the next level. She offers a different opinion and cuts through the crap. She knows the bottom line isn’t all that matters and seeks first the passion, mission and values to ensure those are instilled in all things our company does.


– Jill Cole, Owner, Southern Events Party Rental Company –

Path & Compass uses thoughtful business and marketing strategies to guide business owners and leaders in the wedding & event industry towards more meaningful success.


We show you how to connect with your ideal clients, overcome nagging mindset hurdles and get clear on what brings you joy and makes you money. We think differently about business to help you build a better business.