Path & Compass | Your staircase is full of land mines
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Your staircase is full of land mines

Unguarded thoughts Buddha

Pesky things, our thoughts. I think it is common to be paralyzed by our thoughts. Particularly when we are looking at something from the beginning. We don’t write because writing a whole book seems impossible. We don’t run because completing a marathon seems unattainable. We don’t speak our truth because being alone forever seems unbearable. We don’t take a step because we can’t see the whole staircase.

Stop looking at the vast, land-mine riddled staircase you have imagined. Instead, commit to a single and small step. To run a marathon, you must first put on running shoes. Start with the equivalent of putting on your shoes and then take another look around. With each step, you gain new perspective and can re-evaluate your direction, goals, or thoughts. With your shoes on, what do you want to do now? Commit and focus on the next single, small step (and ONLY that).

Dream big. The trick is not to rouse the crazed keeper of your thoughts while traveling the path to your grandest goals.