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Path & Compass partners with small business owners and leaders in the wedding and event industry to provide long-term brand strategy and marketing support. Services including website design, social media and blog management, graphic design, budgeting, goal setting and thoughtful growth. Based in Nashville, TN.
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A marketing strategy starts with…

Asking the right questions ~ Carl Jung

How can I get my business on the first page of Google?
Should I buy a booth at this show?
Am I getting enough leads to keep this online listing?
How can I get more followers on Instagram?

I get asked a lot of questions about a lot of tools. These are good questions but need to be put in context of your marketing strategy.  Before you choose the tools to market and grow your business, you need to decide what you’re building and why? For whom specifically are you building and why do your people care?

The foundation of your marketing strategy is built and rebuilt with these questions. It hones your company’s goals, defines an ideal client and tethers you to a greater mission.  A mission that your people will ultimately tether to their pocketbooks.  A marketing strategy is crucial should you prefer to not waste time and money through trial and error.  After all, it’s a bit misguided to open your tool shed and grab a shovel when your task is to rake the yard.

The answer to all of the above questions is the same – more questions. What are you hoping to accomplish, for whom and why?

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